With the prompt of Time Waits for No One, there is an open-ended realm of possible interpretations to run with. The phrase speaks to the passage of time, and the unstoppable force that marches ahead no matter who, or what, tries to stop it.
Time is inevitable. This was my starting point. What does this involve? What visual representations will resonate with viewers most? The cycle of life: birth, adolescence, adulthood, growing into old age, and of course, death. This cycle occurs with every living being –humans, plants, animals, insects, etc.
What would represent this cycle? Objects that came to mind were mirrors, hourglasses, and photographs. Concepts included weather, cracks, maps, time of day, stone, and clocks.
I begin every illustration by writing down word associations, feelings, and representations that come to mind when thinking of the proposed problem. I work through ways in which I can bring this meaning to life through direct as well an indirect approach.
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