Work in Progress was designed as a guidebook for students to work through as they begin their journey through the Design and Visual Communication program at the University of Wisconsin –Milwaukee.
Stepping into the world of design as a newbie is exhilarating, eye-opening, and a bit overwhelming. As a student, this adventure can be difficult to navigate as new software, methodologies, practices, and environment are introduced into your life. It is important to note that this excursion begins simultaneously with the plunge into adulthood. When these factors intertwine themselves, it makes for a bit of a bumpy road.
This handbook gives students the beginner resources they need to be successful during this process. It dives into the DVC program’s mission, goals, and supplies information about curriculum being taught along with the professors who will be teaching it. By incorporating activities such as personal goal mapping with moments to sketch –the book becomes an interactive, playful form of learning.
The ideation process was challenging. It took several initial iterations and unfortunately lots of wasted paper until I finally found the direction I wanted to go. I needed to think about how color, typography, and illustration could engage students through the not-so-exciting material while managing a consistent layout. I was also adamant about highlighting the obstacles to be faced paired with words of encouragement to reassure them that they’re not alone during this.
My most important message throughout the book, beginning to end, is that we are all works in progress and that this concept is natural and never-ending.
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